Feb. 2nd, 2035 06:08 pm
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Here's the ever popular HMD post. Please be advised I keep one for the express purpose of improving. Flames will not be tolerated, and I reserve the right to defend my characterization of Dave. I ask in return you respect my replies as I will answer you with as little bias as possible and respect you came to me.

But, please cite threads and logs for examples of what's wrong and reference canon pages to back your crit. This is also a plotting post to contact me when there's no other way to get a hold of me. I'm up for most plots if they're explained to me.

- Ip logging off
- Screening on
- Anon on

Note: This for writing for entertainment and non-profit. Nothing else.


Feb. 2nd, 2033 05:53 pm
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This is all the shit Dave has. To be prettied up later.

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Dave Strider [au2]


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